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I.T Translation: web pages and websites, software instructions

Are you or your business looking for a software translation for computer programs, software, filing programs, statistical reports, or advertising software? Then you have found the right translation agency!

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In the I.T. field, several types of documents can be translated: web pages, manuals, video games, tutorials, software, applications or, more broadly, whole websites can be translated…

A badly translated user manual will not be helpful for the user and risks giving your product a bad image. On the other hand, a product with a well-translated user guide will make the user happy.

To be exported, a software must not only be available in the destination language, but it must also be adapted to the unique cultural and technical features of the target market.

Trust us with the entirety of your project: we guarantee coherence between the content and the manual, and therefore the correct usage and success of your product.

Software localisation : reaching out to a new audience

Our translation company can provide you with a translator or interpreter regardless of the kind of text you need translated! Our translators, who are based all around the world, can provide efficient, competitively priced and reliable software text translations.

Our worldwide database or translators and interpreters means we can guarantee we will find the right professional for you. Our team has been working in the business for many years and will deliver very high quality and professional software localisation.

Software translation involves both the translation of the user interface of a program, as well as the adaption of the program to conform to different norms and fit in with different cultural requirements.

Not only does software localisation require a lot of skilled knowledge, it also requires a lot of good teamwork. The team must possess the relevant knowledge of the relevant culture and know how to use the necessary tools in order to adapt the software to the respective languages and cultures.

For example, game consoles must be localised to ensure that the game console, as well as the game exterior are adapted to fit the appropriate countries, ensuring that they are playable in that particular region. Software localisation must be used to make the dialogue, story elements and content of the game suitable for particular regions as well as their target audiences.

A company specialising in software translation

To provide you with a high-quality result, our translators will need all of the supporting information: visual aids, screenshots, the size of text fields, profiles of user types (age, level…).

Beyond the simple elements of text, we ensure the localisation of your games, software and applications, taking into account the technical constraints linked to the medium: length of strings of characters, elements of context in the case of variables, format of dates and figures…

We can also help you to rework the ergonomics and interface of your I.T. products. By installing the software, our providers will even be able to carry out functionality tests. In short, we share our expertise and our linguistic advice with you in order to deliver a complete product adapted to the target market. The CAT tools used by us enable the integrity of programming elements to be conserved, and allow us to provide you with translated files in standard formats (PO, XLIFF etc.).

Our translation agency manages all of your I.T. translation projects in accordance with a proven work methodology, always paying attention to detail and respecting confidentiality. All of our specialised translators have a double profile, combining linguistic training with professional or significant personal experience in the I.T. sector. Selected with care, they are the guarantee of a reliable, high-quality translation in line with your international ambitions.

Our translators are hand-picked according to strict criteria. They must:

  • Be an expert translator in the area
    Translate towards their native language and live in their country of origin
  • Have at least 5 years experience in I.T. translation
  • Keep up-to-date in the areas of translation and I.T.
  • Consult and respect the dictionaries and reference works recognised by the I.T. community
  • Use and enrich terminological glossaries and translation memories dedicated to each client.

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