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Would you like a document translated from English into Greek? Do you require a Greek translation of a website or a Greek interpreter who specialises in medicine? Whatever you may require our translation agency can offer you reasonably priced, professional Greek translations. This service includes Greek – English translations as well as English – Greek.

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Our Greek/English translators and interpreters are professional linguists who translate in their areas of expertise, some of which are shown below:

  • Tourism
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  • Medicine
  • Construction

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The greek language

Greek is the only language in the European Union which is not based on the Latin alphabet. The language has had a huge influence on the development of Europe and European languages. Stemming from the Indogermanic group of languages, at 3400 years old it is by far the oldest language which is still spoken today. Some of the most important works of world literature like Aristotele’s writings were first written in Greek.

The Greek language has 3 distinct dialects: one spoken in the South and West of the country, one spoken in the North and one spoken in the South. It is generally considered as an extremely difficult language to learn.

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