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Regardless of whether you require an operating manual or a business letter translated from English into Spanish or Spanish into English, we can find a specialised translator for you. Our translators all work into their native languages ensuring we deliver only the best translations possible.

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Translation into spanish reviewed and corrected by an expert

Spanish translation does not allow for any carelessness regarding the style, grammar, spelling or the quality of expression. Our translation agency takes each objective into account and respects the strictest editorial rules.

Asking for a translation quote only takes a few minutes via the online form or a simple call. At a minimum cost, your professional documents will be translated and then verified by linguistic experts whose mother language is also the target language: Spanish.

Our multilingual service makes use of an internal recording studio for producing voice-overs or subtitles in Spanish as well as in other European, Asian, Slavic languages etc. We produce subtitles of your corporate films and dub your documentaries, localising your multilingual videos. All of our videos are dubbed by native-speaking actors. A project manager will be your single point of contact in order to ensure quality control throughout the order.

English-spanish translation adapted to the context

There are around 330 million Spanish speakers in the world, more than the 332 million English speakers, and their number is constantly increasing. Like the majority of Romance languages, Spanish has slowly spread across Europe and into the rest of the world.

Interest in Spanish translation occurs most often in commerce and the tourism sector. E-marketing sites, advertising brochures, guides and presentations fit into the development strategy of any expanding company. The economic situation reinforces the need to break into new markets and to find new clients.Translation into Spanish requires a rigour and extreme accuracy in order to spread a serious, quality image in these markets.

Only an experienced translation company bringing together translators, I.T. technicians and qualified graphic designers is capable of providing a  high-quality Spanish translation service,advising and guiding entrepreneurs by indicating the most appropriate options in their particular situation.

French-Spanish translation is carried out by taking different criteria into account: the region or country for which the text is destined, the type of document, the style of the content, the target audience and the medium.

For example, audiovisual offers numerous opportunities for directors looking to export their work. Subtitles, faithful to the original version, gives the film its meaning while enriching and adding value to it.

Similarly, a faultlessly written, perfectly edited translation into Spanish optimises reading and comprehension. Paying attention to the phrasing is as essential for a French-Spanish translation as for a Spanish-French translation.

A team of translators specialising in English-Spanish translation

Our translation team puts a great deal of effort into choosing the right translators for you, based on the purpose of your text as well as the subject area of your text. If desired, your text can also be proof-read by a second English – Spanish translator. This procedure guarantees that your translation is correct both in terms of grammar and content. The majority of our translation work is website translation, software translation, legal texts and technical texts.

Our translations are all offered at cost-efficient prices. These prices obviously depend on the length, complexity and subject area of the text at hand.

Should you need an English – Spanish interpreter then we are also here to help. Our interpreters are all professionally qualified and have many years experience in their respective area of expertise. We can find you an interpreter no matter what the subject area is.

Interpreting into Spanish and English requires the highest standard of communication and a very high level of concentration. Our interpreters are primarily required for conferences and trade fairs and business meetings.

The spanish language

At the end of the 19th century around 60 million people in the world spoke Spanish. Today with around 500 million native speakers Spanish is the 3rd most common native language in the world. It is spoken in around 21 countries some of which are Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela.

Spanish is mainly spoken in central America and Colombia while Catalan is spoken in Spain. After English, Spanish is the most learned language in the world. Today the importance of the Spanish language is growing given the fact that many countries are using it as their primary language for logistic, economic and tourism interests.

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