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Our translation agency offers professional Russisan – English and English – Russian translations at carried out by the respective native speakers. With more than 10 years experience in the industry, our team can guarantee you a top-quality service. Do not hesitate to get in contact with us today!

Areas of Expertise

The professional translators we work with are suitably qualified and all have many years experience in their fields of expertise. Our translation team only works with native speaker translators as we believe this ensures the best quality translations possible. It guarantees style as well as precise contextual concepts.

Language is something which is constantly developing and changing. Many of our translators live in their country of origin, allowing them to keep up-tp-date with these changes and developments in their language.

Some of the fields our translators specialise in are:

    Localised translation into Russian

    Russian is a Slavic language stemming from the Indo-European model. The main difficulties for a Russian translation lie in the syntax and the proper use of declensions.

    Our translation service makes use of an internal team of native Russians, who will study your request and will entrust the translation into Russian to the most specialised native translator in the area concerned. Our pre-press team also adapts the page-layout of your final document; indeed, the page-layout of a document must be adapted to suit the Cyrillic alphabet.

    Each translation into Russian is also localised in order to respond perfectly to the expectations of the client and the target audience. Localisation is always essential in order to adapt to the culture and customs of the target country. All of our translators are native Russian speakers and have lived in Russia for several years, thus ensuring a perfect grasp of Russian culture.

    Entrust your Russian translation to our specialised agency

    The procedure applied by our translation agency is based on rigour and organisation: studying the request, sending a detailed quote to the client, waiting for their agreement, selecting an expert native Russian translator, systematically proof-reading the translated document and delivering it.

    Each translation quote is produced according to the client’s directives, priorities and expectations. The invoice will always remain consistent with the quote, even if more time is spent carrying out the work than anticipated. In-depth research is followed by careful formatting, regardless of the document being translated into Russian: medical files, patents, technical documents, industrial or commercial notifications, legal or political statements, public or private letters, etc.

    Translation of web sites, or simply of web pages, is entrusted to I.T. specialists, trained to respond to customer requirements.
    While respecting the sense and highlighting details, our translation company guarantees high-quality, meticulous and diligent work, in complete confidentiality.

    Our multilingual service makes use of an internal recording studio to produce voice-overs or subtitles in Asian, European, Slavic languages etc. We produce subtitles of your corporate films and dub your documentaries, localising your multilingual videos. All of our videos are dubbed by native-speaking actors.

    A project manager will be your single point of contact in order to assure you of quality management throughout the order. Our sales department is available to answer all of your questions.

    About the Russian language

    Russian is a Slavic language spoken as a native language by around 130 – 150 million Russians in Russia and by a large number of people in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. A considerable number of Russian minority groups also exist in some countries in Western Europe (eg Germany, Spain and Portugal). This was a result of the immigrant waves at the start of the 20th century.

    Despite the fact that the language has declined somewhat since the collapse of the Soviet Union, it is still taught in schools in most of the former Soviet countries. As far as dialect is concerned the Russian language can be divided into 3 groups: a northern, southern and a central dialect.

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