Website translation

Optimised web translation

The linguistic services associated with website translation are unavoidable today As your business’ primary means of communication today, your website is the main gateway taken by your clients to discover your products or services. Your website must highlight your history, expertise, philosophy, and the main values you wish to convey. Aware of the challenges and working daily on these aspects, Our company’s web team is made up of web project managers as well as technical and referencing experts in order to offer you much more than a simple translation.


Our team of web experts have a perfect understanding of the tools available for the positioning of your translations and for the multilingual management of your website, regardless of the CMS or Framework used.

Website localisation

Our web specialists and technical experts guarantee you advice and personalised follow-up for your localisation project to optimise your websites and applications for their target countries.

Multilingual referencing

Not content with offering you only translation solutions that are optimised for referencing, we also provide complete audits and accompany you in your multilingual SEO referencing.

Website translation and localisation: an important issue

Translating a website is about translating its contents (texts, images, videos, etc.), but very often it is also about adapting its contents to the language and/or target country.

In this complex field, the right questions must be asked from the beginning in order to choose the website structure that is best suited for internationalisation. We can offer you valuable advice in this area to help you develop a strategy for your international presence.

We find that translating websites and inserting translated texts is more difficult than you might think, and this is why employs technical experts that are capable of helping you in this area, or of talking with your web agency.

The advantages of our translation agency for your multilingual website

Indeed, the translation of a website is often faced with several technical problems, such as:

  • Choosing plugins depending on the CMS used
  • Setting up geotargeting on Google
  • Extracting texts and choosing the import/export format
  • Translating content that is invisible to the Internet user, such as alt tags and meta tags
  • Translating buttons and menus
  • The space taken up by texts after they have been translated

Need a translation ?

Our translation agency provides quality translations in a short time thanks to its network of professional translators.