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Our translation agency can offer you the professional Japanese – English or English – Japanese translator and interpreter you need to help your company develop in Asia!

No matter whether you require a Japanese or English translator or interpreter for business purposes or for a personal matter, we have a database of translators ready to meet your needs.

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Some of the areas of expertise or our Japanese and English translators are:

High quality Japanese translations

Being able to translate to a high standard is a very valuable skill; it is essential so that people can overcome any language barriers and understand each other for business relations and practices. Therefore it is important that your translations are only worked on by the most professional interpreters and translators in the industry.

Our Japanese/English translators only translate into their native language so that nothing is misinterpreted and you are guaranteed to receive a completely accurate and flawless translation. In addition our translators and interpreters all specialise in their own subject area.

We translate and interpret to and from almost every language including German, French, Danish and Italien.

The japanese language

Japanese was originally a spoken language, the writing of which was introduced later, stemming from the Chinese writing. Almost 130 million people speak Japanese in the world today.

Japanese is written with syllabary and was originally, like Chinese, written vertically, from top to bottom. However, since the modernisation of the country in the second half of the 19th century, writing from right to left has become more widespread and so more similar to the European languages.

As well as the very challenging linguistic skills, an ideal Japanese translation requires a large amount of knowledge of the Japanese culture and society. There are many levels to the Japanese language; class or gender-specific expressions are developed to reflect hierarchical relationships as well as the fact that a lot of things are not expressed explicitly, which only a native speaker of the language can communicate.

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