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Our translation agency provides a professional and efficient service for translating and interpreting from Danish to English and English to Danish across a wide range of sectors.

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Why should you consider English to Danish translation?

Translating your documents into Danish is a brilliant strategy if you’re looking to grow your business between English-speaking countries and Denmark. If you’re an individual dealing with administrative procedures in Denmark, you might also find professional translation services invaluable. Generally, English to Danish translation will aid in overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers, fostering a better understanding of your information and thereby improving communication. Given the complexity of the Danish language, it’s advisable to hire a professional translator or interpreter to increase your chances of success!

Our translation company collaborates with hundreds of English to Danish translators and interpreters from across the globe, who exclusively interpret and translate into their mother tongue. This ensures accuracy, continuity, and a natural flow to the translation. Our team will work alongside you to guarantee that your translation is entrusted to a translator who specialises in your specific field, whether that be software translations, finance, legal translations or business contracts. We deliver promptly and maintain the strictest confidentiality!

Our Danish translation agency

Our translation company is available to undertake the translation of your document, regardless of the language combination or the subject matter. Thanks to our network of numerous experts, we can provide a quality document perfectly tailored to your needs.

Address: ELLIPSE WORLD UK LIMITED, 20-22 Wenlock Road, N1 7GU LONDON, United Kingdom

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We offer our standard or certified translation services in London and all cities across the UK. We are notably located in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. Contact us to receive your personalised quote!

A qualified Danish translator at your service for your multilingual communication needs

Our English to Danish translators stand ready to translate your documents, websites, software, or audiovisual files. Rigorously selected, our expert linguists work exclusively into their mother tongue. They are well-versed in both the language and the culture of the English and Danish-speaking audience, ensuring that you can offer them suitably adapted content! Our translators also specialise in specific fields of activity. Be it law, finance, marketing, SEO… our service providers will understand all the intricacies and terms used in your profession and transcribe them perfectly in your target language.

Whether you need a certified translation or a simple document translation, our translation agency based in London can provide the right solution. We understand the challenges of a multilingual communication project and respect all your constraints to ensure your project’s success. Need an urgent English to Danish translation? Contact us now to receive our quote in less than 30 minutes.

Document translation

Legal, financial, medical, technical, scientific, pharmaceutical, architecture, patent, energy, fashion, cosmetic documents…

Video translation

Transcription, subtitling, and dubbing of audio and video files in English and Danish: documentaries, interviews, training videos…

Website translation

Localisation and translation of showcase and e-Commerce websites, blog articles, product sheets, SEO translation, multilingual SEO.

Certified translation

Tax notices, birth certificates, pay slips, diplomas, driving licenses, medical files, intellectual property certificates…

Legal translation

Company statutes, Memorandum of Associations, contracts, general terms and conditions, legal notices…

Technical translation

Instruction manuals, user guides, documents for the automotive, aerospace, energy sectors…

About the Danish language

The Danish language, hailing from Northern Europe, embodies a rich Scandinavian history. It’s spoken by roughly six million people, the majority of whom are native speakers. Danish is the official language of Denmark but is also spoken in certain parts of Northern Germany and the autonomous territories of Denmark such as Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Denmark is a highly developed country, a member of the Scandinavian nations. This country boasts a robust economy and advanced industries, particularly specialised in areas of green technology, pharmaceuticals, and design. Denmark is an economic and cultural hub offering ample opportunities. If you’re aiming to expand your business in Europe, Denmark is thus an excellent choice. However, this requires engaging a professional Danish translator who can understand the language and its cultural nuances. Such an expert can assist and facilitate your communication to ensure the success of your project.

FAQ about our English to Danish translation services

Is it possible to find a certified Danish translator?

Absolutely. We work daily with expert linguists who are accredited with embassies and consulates. Our agency can assist you and carry out your certified translations through our network of official translators.

What does a translation into Danish cost?

The cost of translating a document or a website into Danish depends on the word count of your document and the complexity of the text to be translated. More technical texts, such as patent applications or instruction manuals, will increase the cost of the project. The delivery timeline and the format of your file (video, InDesign etc.) will also impact the price of your project. We offer scaled pricing for large translation volumes. The simplest way to find out the cost of a project is to get in touch with us, attaching the documents you need translating. We can then get back to you with an appropriate quote.

How long will it take for my documents to be translated?

The delivery timeframe typically depends on the length of the document to be translated, the complexity of the text, and its layout. It’s usually the client who specifies the desired deadline for their English to Danish translation. Our translation agency will then adhere to your timeline, collaborating with multiple linguists if necessary. We can deliver your translated documents promptly, even within 24 hours, subject to an emergency surcharge.

Do you offer legalisation services for English to Danish translations?

Yes, thanks to our partner linguists distributed worldwide, we are capable of legalising your English to Danish translations. This procedure is often essential for completing formalities in countries such as the United States, Australia, or New Zealand, for instance.

In need of a professional translation?

Our translation agency carries out English to Danish translation of all your documents, websites, software, videos within quick turnaround times.