Medical translation

Medical translation: spreading knowledge rigorously

If there is one area in which translation must be accurate, thorough and consistent, it is that of medical translation. The medical community produces various documents, in paper or digital formats, which must be translated: reviews, conferences, publications, project and research reports, study results, popular science works, test reports, questionnaires, instructions…

In the medical profession, every word counts. All of the information must be reproduced in the target language, while respecting the redactional and technical requirements specific to this field, to spread knowledge effectively. There are considerable stakes: spreading knowledge within the medical community, contributing to the development of medical techniques and advancing research.

Are you or your company looking for medical translations? Then you have come to the right place! Medical documents are just one of the technical areas our translators specialise in. Translation Services 24 works together with a global network of translators and interpreters which allows us to select the most suitable translator or interpreter for your specific needs. As well as our many years of experience, our translators and interpreters are fully qualified in the field of medicine. This means we can guarantee you will receive the highest quality translations.

What do we translate?

  • Prescriptions
  • Package inserts
  • Informative texts, brochures for patients
  • Research / technical reports and papers
  • Training material for medical personnel, clinical reports
  • Toxicological, pharmacological, clinical and biological information
  • Medical charts, hospital records
  • Operating manuals, manuscripts
  • Claims for patients, insurance claims
  • These are only a few examples; our translators work on all kinds of medical texts including dental surgery and veterinary surgery.

A native medical translator for your project

As the translation of medical documents is a highly technical field, we only assign medical experts and native speakers to your texts. We make a great effort to assign texts to translators who actually live in the country or region of the target language in order to ensure that your medical documents are translated correctly, both in terms of context as well as language. Furthermore our translators are up-to-date with the latest medical terms, definitions and developments, allowing them to provide you with the best possible translation.

An extensive amount of medical knowlegde is obviously essential so that the translator can understand the difficulties of the original text and hence produce a completely satisfactory translation. The medical translators employed by our translation company are well equipped with this necessary knowledge of the medical profession.

Our quality charter for your medical translation

That is why our medical translators all possess a double profile: they have a background in linguistic training, coupled with a minimum of 5 years’ professional experience in the medical field. They are trained in medical standards and thorough in their editing, translating medical texts and keeping up-to-date with the latest medical developments on a daily basis.

As professional translators, they translate exclusively into their native language in their area of expertise (general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary, cardiology, etc.) in order to guarantee an impeccable medical translation in line with your international ambitions.

Our translators are hand-picked according to the strict criteria. They:

  • Are expert translators in the medical field
  • Translate into their native language and live in their home country
  • Have at least 5 years’ experience in medical translation
  • Keep up-to-date in the fields of translation and their specialisation
  • Consult and respect dictionaries and reference works recognised by the medical community
  • Use and enrich terminological glossaries and translation memories specific to each client

According to the area and the complexity of the document, we can also call upon experts who are not translators, but who instead are teachers or researchers, for example, to answer translators’ and/or proofreaders’ questions and ultimately to validate translated texts.

It goes without saying that all of our projects are managed with the greatest respect for professional secrecy, in accordance with the work methodology explained in our quality charter.

The majority of medical literature nowadays is produced in English or German and it is therefore imperative that our translators have a high command of both of these languages. We ensure that our translators translate into their mother tongue and, at the same time, ensure they have enough knowledge of the source language in order to be able to pick out the subtleties of the source text. Our translation agency helps medical companies and institutions translate brochures and books, which can be essential for many successful medical professions. Successful translations of medical texts are often an indication of the professionalism or performance of a company. Our specialist translators will help your company achieve the best performance possible.

If you require any kind of medical translations then our translation and interpreting team are here to help you and your company.

Our expert medical translators look forward to working with you!

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