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Our translation company offers Norwegian – English and English – Norwegian translations carried out by professional, native speaker translators. Our translators and interpreters work in a wide variety of fields; we guarantee we can find you the right translator or interpreter whatever the job is!

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With more than 10 years experience in the industry, our translation company can produce first-class translations thanks to a large network of freelance translators, all of whom translate solely into their native language. We translate for businesses and organisations who work in various different industries i.e. marketing, IT, tourism and technology to name a few.

Norwegian – English and English – Norwegian are only 2 of many language combinations we offer. We translate from and into almost every language, from some of the most common like French, German and Dutch to some of the more uncommon like Korean, Arabic and Turkish.

The norwegian language

Norwegian is spoken as a native language by around 5 million people. Although Norway is not in the European Union, its language it still extremely signifcant as the country is closely linked to Europe in economic terms.

The history of the Norwegian language was shaped by a large number of differing which resulted from Norway’s geographical situation and many mountains. Today there are two official forms of written Norwegian. Both variations share characteristics of the Swedish language, which has an official status is Norway alongside Danish. There is no official standard spoken Norwegian, for most Norwegians their own dialect is their standard language.

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