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Are you or your company looking for a Hungarian – English or English – Hungarian interpreter or translator? Then our translation agency can provide you with the qualified professionals you need!

Areas of Expertise

Below are a few of the fields which our Hungarian – English translators and interpreters specialise in:

      A professional translation company for your English-Hungarian translation

      Our translation company offers specialist translations from Hungarian – English and English – Hungarian. Not only this, we also offer interpreters for all occasions, whether it be a multi-lingual conference, a small business dicussion, a simultaneous conference or a negotiation. In order to ensure a top-quality service, we depend on a database of 100s of interpreters and translators who are based in many different countries.

      Feel free to come to us with any sort of text or document and we can have it translated or proof-read. Our team will work with you to make sure you receive the service you need and will deliver top-quality translations on time.

      The hungarian language

      As well as over 9 milllion Hungarians there are around 3 million people in countries like Romania, Serbia, the Ukraine and Slovakia who have Hungarian as their native language. As with many European languages, there are a few hundred thousand Hungarian speaking people living in the United States.

      Hungarian is the only non-indoeuropean language which is spoken in central Europe. As the language has very few similarities to Indoeuropean languages, it is very difficult to learn at first. Modern Hungarian is used in everday life and is written using an expanded Latin alphabet. Although the old is script is not used to the same extent, it is still practiced by some enthusiasts.

      Since it became an official language of the EU in 2004 it has gained significant importance on a European level.