Finnish translation

A professional Finnish translator for your project

Do you require high quality Finnish – English or English – Finnish translations at cost-efficient prices? Then you have found the right translation company! Whether you require a power – point presentation or a marketing – related translation, we will find a professional translator for the job!

Translation Services 24 will only supply you with the highest quality translations. In order to reach this high standard of quality, all our Finnish – English translators and interpreters translate into their native languages and work in a particular area of expertise.

In order to be able to place your translation order we need you to supply us with the following information:

      • Source and target language
      • Length of text or the text in a marketable format
      • Order and requested date of delivery
      • Desired final file format and aims and objectives of the text

      A native Finnish translator for your project

      As an international translation agency we have a large global network of translators and interpreters working in and out of many languages, some of which are French, Italian, German and Dutch.

      Below are a few of the fields which our Finnish – English translators and interpreters specialise in: telecommunications, advertising, the food industry, medicine, insurance…

      The quality of a translation is not simply based on how well the information is conveyed grammatically and linguistically. This is simply the basis of a professional translation. The translator must also be able to grasp any cultural or historical concepts in the source language text and render these into the target language successfully.

      The finnish language

      Finnish and Swedish are both official languages of Finland. Here the Finnish language is spoken by around 4.7 million people (92% of the population). It is also spoken by smaller minority groups in Russia and Estonia.

      The Finnish language is distantly related to Hungarian and closely related to Estonian. Finnish is one of the few languages in which the spoken and written language differ greatly from one another, both in terms of phonetics as well as grammar. However, it only has very slight dialects and the only way the language differs between these dialects is in the pronounciation.