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The English-German translation specialist

Do you require a professional English – German or German – English translator to translate your business website? Would you like to launch your products onto the German market but are finding it difficult to overcome language barriers? Then our translation agency can help you find the right translator or interpreter for you!

Differente type of translation into german offered:

English-German technical and scientific translation

Specifications, standards, nomenclatures, patents, test reports, software, instructions…

English-German legal and financial translation

Arbitrages (legal translation), annual reports, contracts, regulations, judgements, litigation, statutes…

English-German editorial translation

Publications, guides, brochures, information letters, memoranda

English-German commercial and advertising translation

Mail, contracts, brochures, websites, press releases, tendering…

Sworn English-German translation

Civil acts of state, attestations, certificates, notarial deeds…

Communicate through translation intro german

With translation into German, the terminology varies according to the area of expertise and the speciality. Indispensable for a clear understanding, it ensures the consistency of the whole text.

Mindful of the quality of its work, our translation agency creates databases, dictionaries and multilingual glossaries. A French-German translation relies on grammatical, lexical and structural bases and is refined thanks to a perfect control of subtleties and register, remaining loyal to the original document while being clear and concise.

Although each translation into German has a cost, competitive rates are studied to allow everyone to cross the language barrier. To obtain a detailed translation quote, a short form is filled in online. A commercial offer will quickly be sent to you with the envisaged deadline. A project manager will contact you and will be your single point of contact throughout the project in order to ensure the quality control of your translation into German.

An accurate and complete translation into german

The translation agency adapts your texts, documents, websites or applications, in various formats, into German. Standard formats such as Word or Excel, or more specific ones such as XLIFF, HTML or XML are used according to the type of document to be translation and the business’ needs.

While respecting deadlines and in the greatest confidentiality, our translation company produces transcriptions of content, graphic adaptations and formatting corresponding to the cultural rules in force in Germany. The completion of a “package” includes all of the documents necessary for a project. Graphic modifications are essential for all advertising or presentation materials: prospectuses, leaflets, brochures, websites etc.

For French-German translations, a project manager, a native German translator, a German proof-reader and a graphic designer (as needed) work in close collaboration. The project is entrusted to an experienced, trained team, not only to offer linguistic competence, but also to shine in a specific area of activity.

The german language

The German language is primarily spoken in Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and in the East of Belgium and by minority groups in some Central European countries. In the English speaking world it is the third most taught foreign language, after French and Spanish. It is the most commonly spoken native language in the European Union and is in the ten most important languages in the world.

In Germany the media and all written work is produced in standard German which is understood in all areas where German in spoken. However standard German can differ from region to region both in terms of vocabulary and pronounciation. This variation must not be confused with the variation of local dialects.

GOOD TO KNOW: English german is one of the top three requested language combinations in translation.

Need a translation ?

Our translation agency provides quality translations in a short time thanks to its network of professional translators.