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Do you require high-quality, precise and professional translations from English into Lithuanian or vice versa? Or perhaps you require a Lithuanian interpreter to assist you at a meeting?

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Our expertise

Our expert Lithuanian – English translators and interpreters specialise in a wide-range of different subject areas, for example electronics, medicine, law, finance, insurance etc.

Below are only a few examples of the translations which our translators can provide you with:

  • Websites
  • Certificates
  • Instruction manuals
  • Contracts
  • Advertisements

A professional translator for your lithuanian-english translation

Good Lithuanian/English translators must have more than a good command of the Lithuanian language and a good style of writing. The must be qualified so that they have the technical knowledge necessary for translating and even more importantly, they must possess the cultural knowledge about the country itself and be familiar with its traditions and customs.

Our Lithuanian and English translators and interpreters are selected and tested in terms of their experience in the respective specialist field and only translate/interpret into their native language. Our tried and tested quality procedure guarantees the best possible translation at cost-efficient prices.

Our translation company will have a Lithuanian translator or interpreter for you, no matter what the language. Our services are offered in almost all languages, from German, French and Danish to Japanese, Russian and Turkish.

The Lithuanian language

Today it is estimated that Lithuanian is spoken by 4 million people, around 3 million of whom live in Lithuania. Both Latvian and Lithuanian make up the language family of the Baltic languages and, although they are closely related, they are not mutally intelligible. As Lithuania is now an official state of the European Union, the language is recognised as an official EU language.

Lithuanian is a tone language, which means words can have different meanings depending on the way they are stressed. There are 2 dialects of the Lithuanian language (Highland Lithuanian and Lowland Lithuanian), which vary quite considerably. It is estimated that the number of foreign words which have been adapted to suit the Lithuanian language could reach 70% or more.

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