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Our translation company can offer you a professional Korean – English or English – Korean translation carried out by an experienced translator. If it is interpreting you are looking for then we also have a large network of English – Korean interpreters, all of whom interpret into their native language.

High quality Korean English translation

We are able to guarantee that your company’s texts will only be worked on by native speakers who specialise in that particular area of expertise. A number of our translators who translate into Korean live in Korea and so are always surrouned by their native language which has an effect on the quality of their translation. Solely using native speakers also ensures that nothing is misunderstood and you receive 100% accurate translations.

Our high quality translations stem from the fact that all of our translators have a specialist subject area. Some of these areas of expertise are named below:

    Translation and localisation into Korean

    The translation of a text from Korean into English or from English into Korean requires a particular understanding of the history, functioning and education of each region.

    All of our translators are required to be native Korean speakers who have spent several years in the country. This gives them a perfect understanding of the culture and local customs. Our translation agency provides perfect localisation to respond to the requirements of the target customers.

    Our multilingual service makes us of an internal recording studio, enabling us to produce voice-overs or subtitles in Asian, European, Slavic languages etc. We produce subtitles for your corporate films and dub your documentaries, localising your multilingual videos. All of our videos are dubbed by native-speaking actors. A project manager will be your single point of contact in order to ensure quality control throughout the order. Our sales department is available to answer all of your questions.

    Characteristics of a Korean translation

    Korean, represented by its alphabet, Hangeul, is part of the Ural-Altaic languages, along with Hungarian, Finnish, and Mongolian. This syllabic system allows a freedom of expression that is sometimes difficult for foreigners to understand. Each Hangeul letter has a western equivalent.

    The professional translation necessary to commerce, industry, science, politics, the industrial secteur, agro-food etc. relies on a high level of control of the French-Korean language couple.

    Our translation agency recruits Korean translation experts, capable of grasping all of the subtleties and conveying them in the desired language.

    Our translation quote guarantees a competitive rate for professionals from every sector. We select our translators according to their chosen field and they are all native speakers.

    The translation of your Korean website will be localised to the cultural requirements of the country. The Korean culture and way of thinking will thus be spread thoughout the world. Conversely, the translation of a French webpage into Korean allows you to guarantee your communication with the Asian world.

    The Korean language

    Korean is the official language of both North and South Korea and is spoken by more than 80 million people worldwide. For a long time the Korean language was considered as having no relations with any other language. However, today it is recognised as stemming from the family of Turkish languages.

    The poltical division between North and South Korea has had an effect on the language, creating different dialects in both areas. In the South Korean dialect many words and terms have been taken from the English language whereas in North Korea the dialect is based on the Korean language.

    Writing in Korean has certain technical difficulties when preparing the documents to be printed. Our translation team who have many years experience in this industry will ensure your project is carried out smoothly. For a Chinese Translation contact a Chinese English Translation Specialist.

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    Our translation agency provides quality translations in a short time thanks to its network of professional translators.