Find an interpreter for your event

Is your company looking for a professional interpreter for conferences or business meetings? Or do you require an interpreter for a personal occassion e.g a wedding? Then Translation Services 24 can help you!

Our interpreters are highly qualified and specialise in a range of different subject areas. We can therefore guarantee we can assign you the right interpreter for your specific requirements. Our interpreters come from all over the world, possess a huge variety of language combinations and will be happy to assist you no matter what the job. 

When we talk about interpreting, especially in Europe, we often think of interpreters in Brussels working in booths for the European Parliament, the European Commission or other EU institutions.

In reality, interpreting can take many forms to best adapt to your intercultural needs and to the context: conferences or symposia, work meetings, negotiations, etc.

Choosing the right interpreting method to suit your needs

Whatever your need, our agency will know the most suitable interpreting method.

Are you organising an international conference that will welcome speakers of several different languages? We will set up a multilingual team of simultaneous interpreters (in booths) to allow all participants to understand all of the points made and the nuances of the speech.

If you are preparing for a meeting in which one of the participants speaks a foreign language, we will instead advise consecutive interpreting. In this case, the interpreter takes notes while the speaker is talking, then reproduces their words in another language a few minutes later.

For a business meeting with your foreign partners, we will make a team of professional translators available to provide liaison interpreting. Particularly suitable for work meetings or business trips, this interpreting technique provides a degree of flexibility and enables fluid exchanges with your international partners.

Confidentiality: all of our interpreters are bound by professional secrecy. Regardless of the form or medium (paper, designs, I.T. media, etc.), all of the information sent to us to allow us to complete your linguistic projects or to be used for your interpreting mission will be dealt with in the strictest confidentiality.

The art of interpreting

Interpreting is one of the most demanding and stressful jobs and is by no means considered easy. Interpreters render what is said in one language into another language in a spoken form. They must ensure they use the most appropriate words so that the meaning is successfully interpreted in every sentence. It is a stressfull job in that they must be able to think on their feet; there is no time for delay .This means they must possess an extremely high command of both the source language and the target language.

One of the types of interpreting offered by our interpreters is, for example, simultaneous interpreting, often used at multi-lingual conferences. Our services have also been used at many other procedings such as negotiations, personal discussions.

After many years in the industry we have been able to build up a large network of interpreters which we have at our disposal. The skills of all our interpreters are so diverse that we can promise to cater for your exact needs. They are all highly educated linguistic professionals who specialise in a certain subject area. All our interpreters have experience in interpreting in conferences, negotiations, business dicussions and exhibitions. Our interpreters always work very closely with our customers to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Need a translation ?

Our translation agency provides quality translations in a short time thanks to its network of professional translators.